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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I know in my previous blog when I talked about the “Swat Chart”, I said it went up to age eight, but you really should stop spanking your child by age five or six, because after that age it can become a point of shame.

The number one way that you punish or correct teenagers is MONEY. Give them ten dollars a week allowance. Fifty percent of everything they make goes into savings for a car when they are 16. One dollar goes to tithes. Four dollars they get to keep. WHEN THEY FORGET TO DO SOMETHING THAT THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD TO DO, I SAY, “THAT WILL COST YOU A DOLLAR.” IF THEY DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARILY ABOVE AND BEYOND, THEY GET A DOLLAR.

Remember, “Fathers (or mothers) do not embitter your children.”  Remember in my earlier blog I stated that the way you “embitter” your teenagers is by requiring higher standards of them than you require of yourself.  The solution is mutual accountability.  SOOOOO…..

IF I AS THE PARENT HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE (tone of voice), THEN IT COSTS MOM OR DAD A DOLLAR.  So what happens if I as the parent don’t think I had a bad tone of voice, but the teenager does?

If I don’t think it was a bad tone of voice, any other member of the family can break the tie.

If there are only two people present the tie goes to the parent.

Because they have the majority of the responsibility on them and they are the covering.

If someone refuses to tithe or if they don’t take the responsibility to tithe, they are a child.  We should not have to remind the kids to tithe.


1. Listen to tapes: “Tongue Binding” and “Secrets of a Hard Worker” from “Job and Career Series” by Pastor John Fichtner

2. Make them identify what area they are being a child: Hygiene, Work, Graciousness, Money, Attitude

3. Write Chapters of the Bible

4. Write 100 times: “I will not be a “Beamer.” based on Matthew 7:1-5.

5. Write Matthew 7:1-5

6. Memorize Matthew 7:1-5

7. Memorize Proverbs 3

8. Write Essay on Punishments

9. Read a book: “How to Win Friends and Influence people”, “Five Love Languages”or “Preparing for Adolescence”. Amanda read the books, TJ preferred the tape series’ and doing the workbooks.

10. Do a course: TJ and Tyler had to do the entire “Fruit of the Spirit” series before they could do anything else like play computer, watch TV, have friends over, ride bikes, talk on the phone etc. I told them that they were grounded for however long it took them to complete the course. (Note: This gives them more power to decide how long their grounding was going to be.)  They did the whole course (eight sermons) complete with workbook in one day.

11. Spend time in prayer: Pray prayer of repentance when anyone has a bad tone of voice or bad body language.

This was on our Punishment board and often times I would let them choose what punishment they wanted to do.  Giving them a choice shows respect, which is the number one thing that teenagers want.

REMEMBER:  A good punishment is hard on them easy on you.

Pleasure & Pain

Hebrews 12:11 – No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but PAINFUL. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and Peace for those who have been TRAINED by it.

Acts of Service:

For when your children have wronged each other or you as a parent have wronged them.

Forgiveness is automatic. TRUST has to be re-earned.

1. Make breakfast for each other

2. Make Lunch for each other

3. Make your sibling’s Bed

4. WRITE LOVE NOTES TO YOUR BROTHER/SISTER: (Note: I still have all the love notes the kids have written to each other, they are precious to go back and read.)

5. Clean your brother/sister’s room

6. Load hockey stuff

7. Do chores

8. Wash and fold each others’ clothes.

9. For TJ or Tyler: Fix Mom or Amanda a cup of tea.

Ephesians 6:1

“Children obey your parents because you belong to the Lord, for this is the right thing to do.”
Tomorrow I will share the importance of knowing your child’s love language and personality type.  These are crucial when it comes to discipline and love.

As always, cheering you on!!


About Professional Parenting

Wife, mother, motivational speaker, author, counselor and teacher. I have 3 adult children and a husband of 27 years. For the past 13 years I have served the youth and their parents at Liberty Church in Marietta Georgia. I loved everything about being a mom: I loved the terrible twos, and the terrifying teens, and the cake in my hair, and the spilled punch. I loved the chaos, the noise, the craziness of tons of kids. It was everything I wanted in my life. I loved that constant overwhelming feeling of someone being completely dependent on me as well as that joyful, aweful feeling of watching that same someone just 18 years later leave me and go off in the world on their own. Interests: * Christian * wife * mom * child training * pre-teens * teenagers * youth group * young girls * young women * seasoned sisters Favorite Books: * "Praying for Your Adult Children" By: Stormie Omartian * "Life on the Edge" By Dr. Dobson (Note: This was required reading for my kids when they turned 13.)
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